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" Seas Kim is the owner of Pokebap and his grandmother planted the idea of rooting heritage and precision in both cooking and creating. His grandmother rooted him into who he is as a person, as a business owner, and the reason why he created Pokebap."

Show Details:


The show is set to go up on November 5th 2022 and will stay up until January 23, 2023. Our opening show will correlate with Gallery Hop so hours will be from 7pm-9pm.


he show will be at Pokebap inside the Historic Budd Dairy Food Hall. When you go through the front entrance of Budd turn to your left and you will see Pokebap (People should be at the Budd Dairy Host Stand as well to direct you).


Fed Artist Shows plan to turn the stereotypical "starving artist" into the "Fed Artist"--making sure artists are fed mind, body and soul. We strive to act more than just a restaurant and want to bring artists, food, and community together by allowing more space for artists in the Columbus community to show off what they can bring to the table!


This show's theme is "Roots". Our owner (Seas)'s grandma planted the ideas of rooting heritage, and precision in both cooking and creating. His grandma rooted Seas into who he is as a person, as a business owner and the reason why he created Pokebap. As a child, Seas would watch her tending to her garden thus showing the importance of personally growing food which is a huge reason why we make sure we know exactly where our ingredients come from and support local growers. Seas would see his grandma create homemade chili pepper paste from scratch which has influenced him to make every one of our sauces made from scratch as well. The dedication she put into raising Seas implanted the importance of caring for your fellow human being and supporting them in whatever way they grow, which is why Seas makes sure to give extra attention to each of his employees and business associates--seeing them more as humans who have lives and have ambitions rather than just employees and business partners. He appreciates how much time it took his grandma to create everything and showing the love that goes into creation which made him realize the importances of making everything homemade, with love and care in order to take time to create something wonderful... The roots of Seas' grandma's selflessness have intwined the importance of heritage, time, care, and most of all love in everything we do and create at Pokebap which is why we found "Roots" to be an important theme we wanted local artists to reflect in this Fed Artist Show.

Photo Cred: Alli Moore, Kat Paige, and Lauren Barrett.

The Art

Show Night

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