The Fed Artist: "Expression Through Hands" Art Show

Budd Dairy Food Hall

Show Details:


The show is set to go up on June 4th 2022 and stay up for the whole summer season until August 2022. Our opening show will correlate with Gallery Hop so hours will be from 6pm-9pm.


The show will be at Pokebap inside the Historic Budd Dairy Food Hall. When you go through the front entrance of Budd turn to your left and you will see Pokebap (People should be there as well to direct you).


Fed Artist Shows plan to turn the stereotypical "starving artist" into the "Fed Artist"--making sure artists are fed mind, body and soul. We strive to act more than just a restaurant and want to bring artists, food, and community together by allowing more space for artists in the Columbus community to show off what they can bring to the table!


This first show's theme will be "Expression Through Hands" (art featuring hands). At Pokebap, we use “heart fingers” to show love. We love that hands are another form of communication beyond talking to describe how we think, feel, and what we want to relay to others. Our hands are even forms of cultural expression. Through these art pieces, we want artists to communicate the meaning of community, food, and sending love to your fellow human with hand expressions regardless of what language one speaks.


Here is a list of the artists featured in our show:

Julia Barrett - Nancy Zhu - Bibi Byrd - Sabrina Garcia-Santos - Jey Ley - Cada Dixon - Gray Fulton - Keegan Collins - Caitlynn Ocmand - Sydney Kit - Avery Barrett - Jonathon Van Buren - Katie O'Connor - Amy Linville - Kelsey Shearer - Zelberto Carneiro - Melissa Natrop - Krystan Ivey - Cassandra Garcia - Isaiah Hendricks - Teagan Amey - Lauren Dame - Aleesha Nash - Finnick Vest.


There is plenty of parking all around Budd Dairy, including a free parking lot outside of Budd. If worse comes to worse then there is street parking.

Most Importantly: Will There Be Food???

YES of course! The event will be inside Budd Dairy's Food Hall so there will be tons of opportunities to eat and support Columbus-based restaurants. We will also be serving light hors d'oeuvres during our opening. There is even a large bar on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor of Budd so plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to grab during the event.

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